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Over the years, BAHLEN BEAUTY, a privately-owned company, has successfully introduced quality-focused brands across the region. We are invested in the long-term development and success of these brands and our understanding of the brand aspirations is converted into a steady acquisition of consumers, who in turn sustain and enhance brand value.

Our philosophy is to create a beautiful mix and fusion of luxury brands for our beauty consumers. Driven by passion, our team tackles the industry’s challenges with a clear purpose; to continually inspire our consumers.
Every day, we strive to live up to create an exclusive customer experience by developing a diverse and exclusive portfolio that transforms and enriches lifestyles.

Quality-focused brands

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Maja Bokun

make up

Her beauty path began by graduating Italian school to become makeup artist. Because of love towards cosmetics keeps building knowleadge by owning diplomas as an educator for several world known brands, graduated from Arimed university as an wellness therapyst, throught years collected expirience as a „skin specialist“, from skin care to finishing beautiful make-up wich is her passion. In love with her job, always surrounded with people whom has similar interests, to share knowleadge and loves to get challenged. Free time spends being active, so she combines pilates with running. Being outside in nature and visiting saunas keeps her relaxed.
  • maja@bahlenbeauty.hr

Alma Karalić

skin care

Medical beautician working as an educator. Since she was 15, is intensly into cosmetics and researching it. Finished different courses for face and body skin care, nail art, lashes and make up. Expirience came during years working in beauty salons and spas. Had an opportunity to participate many times on a prestige Elemis academy in Great Britain, from which has graduated with 100% success. Always more than happy to expirience professional upgrades and enjoys cosmetics news. In her free time, she loves to play guitar and keyboards.

  • alma.karalic@bahlenbeauty.hr

Krešimira Rovinščanec

hair care

In beauty bussiness for 25 years.  After highschool graduation, worked in a Estetic Uvema Dessange Hair salon for 17 years, where she got certified as a specialised hair stylist by Dessange expert team. After many years of expirience and different hair styling related trainings, opens up her own salon that is in bussiness for 5 years already. Along variety educations for private schools, Krešimira is educator for our brands Keratherapy and Trueplex. Free time spends with her family and airsoft is her favourite sport. Big fan of cats.

  • kresimira@bahlenbeauty.hr

Antonija Kraljičković


Graduated journalist working in a beauty industry. Her passion towards cosmetics shows on our social media profiles. In charge for coming up with an ideas and creates strategies of communications for our brands such as advertising and provides news to our clients from the world of cosmetics.  Except that,  beauty web shops in Croatia are her domain, as she collaborates with them all, as an expert in retail products for which she had elaborate educations. In her free time loves to cock, travel and her favourite activities are hip hop and running. Loves to say for herself that she enjoys doing what youth loves to do.

  • antonija@bahlenbeauty.hr

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